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The Grower’s Choice ROI-680 LED grow light is inspired by a collaboration between two of the most prominent and respected companies in the indoor grow lighting industry: TSL Horti Tech and Growers Choice.

These two brands have come together to combine their years of experience and innovation in grow lighting to create this high performance, cost effective, efficient lighting solution for commercial growing.

Growers Choice ROI-680 LED Grow Light Features

Great Spectrum For All Stages Of Growth

ROI-E680 SpectrumThe ROI-680 has the same 3000K full-white spectrum as Grower’s Choice’s well known 3K CMH Full Phase Spectrum. This light provides excellent growing power and monster yields.


Huge Output, High Efficiency

This powerful LED grow light provides 1700 μmol/s of total output, and with a wattage draw of 680 watts, it has a 2.5 μmol/J system efficacy.

This means up to 40% savings on electricity costs. Lower heat output additionally cuts cooling requirements by about 40%.

Provides Growers Full Control

The onboard dimming function allows you to dial back the intensity at times when your plants don’t need the full power of this light, saving you money on electricity costs.

The ROI-680 is compatible with most lighting controllers, but works best with the Grower’s Choice Master Lighting Controller (which you can purchase with the fixture by selecting the option above, directly beneath the price).

Even Light Distribution

The large size of the Growers Choice ROI-680 LED grow light makes for a much more even light distribution, because the light from the fixture always travels the same distance downward toward the canopy.

A small fixture sends light from a central point, which means it travels much further to reach the corners, and loses intensity along the way.

Quality Components

Growers Choice and TSL Horti Tech wanted to make sure only the best components went into their light, so they used industrial grade Osram Top Bin Diodes and an ultra-efficient driver when designing this fixture.


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